About the school

It's the establishment that delivers an understanding educational management for life aspects and caring for all education stages from KG to the secondary stage. The Kindergarten stage, in which the child is in his early stages of life early communication encounters with others, he/she finds in LA ROSE DE LISIUEX care and warmth, which many viewed that they lose them as soon as they get outside the house; however, fathers and mothers found that the child becomes attached with schools which deliver different activities and develops their talents.

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70 years

Since 1950


Why choose La Rose De Lisieux Schools

Students learn to combine their hobbies and interests with their education through a simple and seamless manner that positively aids in the development of a strongminded, positive and successful personality all the while maintaining the highest marks. Entering adolescence, we encourage our students to explore their individuality and independence all the while maintaining criterias of strictness and understanding to guide them through their high school stage.
Our educational program is devoted to helping our students seek their path in life and empower them with the ability of applying their skills and talents to their goals.
La Rose De Lisieux is an educational fort that fosters care, compassion and educational distinction from childhood to the early stages of adolescence, through a strict yet compassionate educational program, we empower and encourage our students to reach for excellence, understanding that we are a stepping stone in their personal journey and a foundation of its promising beginning.